Best Ways to Merch Your Food Products

Whether you run a supermarket or a small corner store, you are going to want to merchandise in a way that is both efficient and easy to manage.  Depending upon the size of your store and the types of food that you are putting out on the shelves, there are different ways you should set up your merchandise.

Here is a short description of some of the best methods to merch your food products.

seafood merchandiser

Keeping Food Fresh

There are many different types of food that you will want to keep fresh at all times.  If you are displaying seafood, it is a good idea to use a seafood merchandiser.  This will specifically allow you to keep your seafood items cold at all times.

You can either keep the seafood cold with ice or refrigeration.  Whichever method you choose should be based upon the size and layout of your store and the amount of seafood you want to merchandise.

Benefits of a Mobile Ice Bar

An ice bar that can be moved around is perfect for smaller stores that do not have large amounts of perishable foods to display.  You can set up the bar in the middle of the store, or move it when you need to, with the only downside being that you will need to refill the ice regularly.

Benefits of a Refrigerated Bar

While refrigeration will make the display a lot less mobile, it is perfect for larger stores that have a lot of food to display and don’t mind having the display up against a wall and close to an electrical outlet.  The display will be less mobile, but it will be very easy to maintain.

Always take the layout of your store and your amount of merchandise into consideration when making these choices.