How Automatic Farm Gates Work

Dear old farmers. No more opening and closing gates like you used to in the good old days. Today, you can still farm, but the work has become a lot more demanding than it used to be. There is not enough time to talk to you about all the challenges you face every day. You know enough about those, it is presumed. Not meaning to be presumptuous, let us carry on then. One challenge rural farmers are faced with is security.

For that they need sophisticated perimeter fencing and automatic farm gates. Instead of jumping in and out of the truck at intervals, the driver can open gates with his automatic farm gate opener. It is actually quite easy to operate once you know how. An opening (and closing) kit includes hardware, hinges, locks and adjustable gate latches. What does this tell you about improving your farm security so far? The kit even makes provision for heavy duty bumpers.

automatic farm gate opener

This kit works very well with pipe rail gates. Installation of such a system is not costly, especially when you compare it against your everyday farm maintenance costs. There is more than enough time for your truck to get through the gate once it is opened. It stays open for up to forty five seconds. You can even adjust the automated gate system to meet your requirements. Perhaps you need the gate to stay open just a little bit longer. A PVC sleeved bump arm on the gate is used to open it. You will be doing this while your truck is moving forward at its slow rolling speed.

But you need to be careful. Your vehicle could trap the gate’s bumper arms. So, be a careful driver, even while your new farm gate opens and closes automatically.